The Yoga for Transformation Program is not offered currently.

For more information, please contact Director Scott Willis.

Yoga for Transformation:
Teacher Training & Immersion Program

Our Year-Long Program Offers Two Paths to Deepen Your Relationship with Yoga
Advanced 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification Program


  • For current yoga teachers who have completed a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification Program
  • Transform your professional practice with a year of advanced instruction and ongoing support. 
  • Strengthen your confidence in teaching yoga as you enhance your personal practice.
  • Upon graduation, you will be eligible to apply to Yoga Alliance for advanced certification as an RYT 500.
Year-Long Yoga Immersion Program


  • For avid practitioners of yoga
  • Spend a year strengthening your relationship with yoga, crafting a unique personal retreat that supports you in expanding your personal practice.
  • Receive personalized guidance and tools to advance your yoga practice.
  • Expand your abilities by attending segments of the yoga teacher training program.

Program Elements

Focus on yoga

Over the course of the year, we drill deep down into many aspects of yoga: poses, breathwork, meditation, anatomy and physiology, yoga philosophy, and the history of yoga.

Focus on growth

We always bring our learning back to how it affects us personally—as well as professionally, for those of us who are yoga teachers—helping us create deep meaning, purpose, and beauty in our lives as we help others to do the same.

Focus on personal development

During the training, each of us develops a personal practice, drawing from aspects of yoga to which we feel allured. We also focus on a personal project. The subject of that project is up to you. Past projects have included creating classes for special populations and designing a program of relaxed self-care.

Curriculum Highlights

Yoga Techniques

Loving kindness meditation
Gratitude practice
Forgiveness practice

Practical Anatomy
and Physiology

Yoga Philosophy,
Ethics, and Lifestyle


Deepening Your
Personal Practice

Personal Project

Advanced 300-Hour YTT Students only

Yoga Teaching Methodology

    • Qualities of a teacher
    • Leading a class using a theme
    • Demonstrating a pose
    • Creating a lesson plan
    • Developing a yoga teaching business plan

    Practice Teaching

    • Observing students
    • Assisting students
    • Student learning and development

    Deepening Your Personal Practice

    Throughout the year, we contemplate three major yogic questions:

    What do I truly desire?

    Of what value is it to me?

    What am I prepared to do about it?

    Keeping these questions up in our awareness, continually coming back to them and creating our own
    unique responses to them, is central to the Yoga for Transformation Program.

    Photo credit: Jenna Rice Creative