What is Hits the Spot Yoga?

A unique style developed out of decades of yoga instruction

Over his 30 years of leading yoga and mind-body classes, Scott developed a unique style of yoga that he teaches to his students.

When pressed to define it, he wanted a term that would immediately communicate its benefits. He thought back to what his students had said to him over the years: that his yoga classes really “hit the spot” for them. That held true regardless of whether they needed relief after sitting at a desk all day, wanted a stretch after gardening, were recovering from surgery, or were just getting into yoga for the first time.

And so Hits the Spot Yoga was born: a friendly, compassionate style of yoga for folks of all ages, shapes, and degrees of strength and flexibility.

A philosophy of tailoring poses to meet individual needs

Hits the Spot Yoga emphasizes doing poses in a way that is right for each student’s body and needs. A guiding principle is for each person to choose a gentle, moderate, or vigorous version of a pose—whatever satisfies them, without worrying about what others are doing. Each person goes to their individual steady edge with proper alignment, using variations and props to get it just right for them. There’s no competition. Everyone is there to stretch, move, and feel good.

 An oasis of time for self-care and rejuvenation

Beyond the physical benefits, Hits the Spot Yoga supports folks in deep, personal ways. Students say that the classes “hit the spot” when they feel scattered, stressed, tense, or pulled in different directions. The classes help when they are anxious, afraid, or lonely. They are also a great tonic for those who are tired of the competitive aspect that can flourish in yoga classes and just want to move in a way that feels good to them.

Anyone attending a Hits the Spot Yoga class will hear Scott say, “It’s your body. It’s your time. It’s your class.” The classes provide an oasis of calm and peace for students to take care of themselves and enjoy themselves in a non-competitive atmosphere (with a few jokes tossed in now and then). Students are encouraged to honor what they need in each class, to fully feel each warm-up and pose, and to know this time is for them, with no one else to be responsible for, and nothing to prove to anyone.