Hits the Spot GolfYoga

Get Serious About Fully Enjoying the Game

You love to play golf. But playing golf doesn’t always love you back.

Maybe it’s the swing that isn’t as smooth. Maybe it’s the ache in your lower back that shows up around the fourth hole. Maybe it’s just the frustration of knowing that your body can’t do what it did back in the day. Whatever the reason, you just don’t enjoy the game as much as you used to.


What if you could change that?

The fact is, there are steps we can take to help us continue to fully enjoy this amazing game as we age. That’s where Hits the Spot GolfYoga comes in. We focus on two of the critical components of golf—the physical and mental aspects of the game—in order to help you feel better and play better. (We leave the swing mechanics to the golf pros.)

Physical Benefits

  • Increase muscle elasticity and flexibility
  • Improve range of motion and mobility
  • Enhance balance and center of gravity
  • Strengthen key muscles for greater control
  • Condition the body to help prevent injury and reduce recovery time

Mental Benefits

  • Increase focus
  • Reduce stress
  • Enhance concentration
  • Learn to visualize the ideal shot
  • Increase your likelihood of playing in the zone

Hits the Spot GolfYoga will help you change the way you play

Through a combination of dynamic and static stretches, strength training, breathwork, meditation, yoga psychology, and sports psychology, you will begin to feel better and play better.

So what’s the benefit of doing Hits the Spot GolfYoga? It’s about more than lowering your score—though that’s important, of course. It’s about being more likely to get out on the course, spend time with friends, and feel great about it afterward. It’s about the joy of a well-struck shot. It’s about having more satisfying rounds. And the beer afterward? It’ll taste better, too.* (*Technically, Hits the Spot GolfYoga does not affect the quality of any beer.)

So if you’re ready to get serious about fully enjoying the game, join us and find out how you can get more out of playing the game you love.


Image source: Brattleboro Country Club