Wondering what people are saying about Hits the Spot Yoga?

Yoga Flow classes:

Scott’s class is such a lovely oasis for me – quiet and focused in an absolutely beautiful space. I especially appreciate being able to take the yoga wherever my body and spirit move me to go on a given day. Scott provides the opportunity for each person to do what best serves her/him, and he does so with humor, respect and an impressive depth of knowledge/reflection. Personally, Scott exudes wisdom and warmth; he is a role model for me, both as a yoga teacher and as a human on the planet.

M.S., Brattleboro, VT

I cannot tell you how much I enjoy your class, it’s a make or break my life kind of deal!!

L.K., Brattleboro, VT

I have had the privilege of studying and practicing yoga with Scott Willis since 1992. Scott’s knowledge of yoga practice and philosophy is vast, and he is deeply committed to sharing it with others.

S.J., Educator, Brattleboro VT

At the gentle urging of my wife, I attended one of Scott’s yoga classes at Solar Hill Yoga. It was then, and continues to be every time I attend, a life-altering experience. It helps me to be more at ease and at peace with both my body and my mind. Scott creates a community environment that is welcoming and supportive, safe and comfortable. I look forward to seeing my classmates as much as I look forward to having, as Scott says, ‘that hour and a quarter, that is yours and yours alone.

C.O., Teacher, Brattleboro, VT

I wanted to tell you how wonderful your class is. Your reminders to honor yourself and to be safe are such a help to me. I can’t tell you how many times I have gotten hurt in a class trying to keep up with my neighbor. Your gentle reminders that the class is for each individual and to honor oneself are so reassuring. As I begin to trust and feel safer in your class, I will be a little more daring to push a little further each time. Thanks so much.

P., Yoga Student, Brattleboro, VT

I can’t say enough about the depth and breadth of the Hits the Spot curriculum; and Scott’s integrity, humanity and sense of humor shines through every moment. Most of all, I love the accessibility of Scott’s approach to teaching yoga. It’s deeply aligned with my need to be inclusive and to honor the individual within the collective.

Yoga Student, Brattleboro, VT

Yoga Teacher Training programs:

In leading the Yoga Teacher Training, Scott’s love of teaching, clear and thorough presentations, and humane approach to yogic studies are always evident. As a result, he has a special ability to empower his students to become more than they imagine they can be, not only as yoga teachers but as human beings.

J.L., Therapist, Long Island, NY (Graduate, Hits the Spot Yoga Teacher Training)

To enroll in the Hits the Spot Yoga Teacher Training is to embark on an incredible, wondrous journey of self-discovery and personal transformation. Training weekends are educational, enlightening and restorative. And fun!

K.E., Editor, Williamsburg, MA (Graduate, Hits the Spot Yoga Teacher Training)

Thank you for all you have done to prepare for the course. It is fantastic not only for the content, but your delivery, the seamlessness, variety, and flexibility, and the soul.

J.D., Teacher, Brattleboro, VT (Graduate, Hits the Spot Yoga Teacher Training)

The “Hits the Spot Yoga Teacher Training” teacher-training program was a transformational and profound experience for me that I would recommend to any current or potential ‘Yoga” teacher. The program was developed, planned and executed very professionally. I received a grounded and balanced education filled with love and kindness that happened to be life changing.

Graduate, Hits the Spot Yoga Teacher Training

Participating in the Hits the Spot Yoga Teacher Training program was life changing for me. Exploring the many aspects of yoga, philosophy, psychology, anatomy and physiology, meditation, breathing, and poses with a group and a highly qualified teacher fostered an in-depth learning experience. The attention to the details of alignment for each pose, and the inclusion of safety props, allowed me the knowledge and confidence to guide others of different abilities. This program provided the opportunity for me to study yoga deeply and to meet my goals far beyond what I had imagined. I am grateful!

Graduate, Hits the Spot Yoga Teacher Training

Scott Willis is a highly knowledgeable, generous, and capable teacher. He is brilliant at creating an environment where the group can bring forth the best and most authentic in themselves. The curriculum is very broad and thorough. Scott’s commitment to gratitude and lovingkindness are beacons within this training as he models what a great yoga teacher is, as well as providing the resource materials for students to learn about and practice being great yoga teachers. A remarkable program which I highly recommend for nearly everyone.

Graduate, Hits the Spot Yoga Teacher Training

The seemingly whimsical name of the school, “Hits the Spot Yoga” is brilliant for indeed, after a yoga class or while in yoga teacher training, one often says, “Wow. That hit the spot!” Scott Willis has carefully crafted the teacher training courses with attention to the smallest details. The training, practice teaching, discussions, explorations of all aspects of yoga are thorough and creative. Graduates of this program are justifiably proud of their work and accomplishments.

Graduate, Hits the Spot Yoga Teacher Training

HTSY is an extraordinary place to do teacher training. Scott Willis is a true yogi and scholar who lives his principles to a nearly unparalleled degree. The program he has created is deeply engaging — personally, philosophically, professionally. At HTSY you will be transformed by searching personal engagement with the gorgeous depth and breadth of yoga practice.

Graduate, Hits the Spot Yoga Teacher Training

I loved my training and the learning environment Scott created. Scott is mindful of his students and was very supportive to us as we journeyed through our year of training and growth.

Graduate, Hits the Spot Yoga Teacher Training

Hits the Spot Yoga’s 300 hour teacher training exceeded all of my expectations! Scott’s passion for yoga and the teaching of yoga was evident in the high quality of the curriculum and training he provided us with. Hit’s the Spot Yoga (Scott Willis) goes above and beyond in providing a rich environment in which to learn and practice teaching more advanced skills. I highly recommend this program!

Graduate, Hits the Spot Yoga Teacher Training

This program has been one of the best experiences of my life. It is well-run, professional, and in line with the principles and practices of yoga. I cannot recommend Scott and his school enough!

Graduate, Hits the Spot Yoga Teacher Training

My year in yoga teacher training was one of transformation in a truly supportive environment.

Graduate, Hits the Spot Yoga Teacher Training

My year long training with Scott Willis at Hits the Spot Yoga Teacher Training became a personal journey of spiritual healing and growth, not simply a training in the mechanics of Yoga instruction. Scott modeled open-minded compassion, acceptance and love while maintaining a warm and safe environment in which to absorb, share and practice new ideas and physical poses. I can’t thank him enough. He is a wonderful teacher and human being.

Graduate, Hits the Spot Yoga Teacher Training

Hits the Spot Yoga Teacher Training was thorough, balanced, and transformative. I am so grateful to have had THIS as my learning experience in becoming a yoga instructor.

Graduate, Hits the Spot Yoga Teacher Training

Between my kids being gone and just going off to work each day, I really needed something fresh to focus on. Not only did Scott’s program help me reach a deeper level in my own personal practice, but it also allowed me to begin to inspire others to explore their own body-mind connection.

Graduate, Hits the Spot Yoga Teacher Training