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. 2. 2 (two) 45mm x 35mm photos taken in the last six months. Foreign citizens of Bangladesh (excluding SAARC countries) are entitled to “NVR (No Visa Required) to Travel to Bangladesh” in their foreign passport. Your spouse (foreign-born) and children are also entitled to this confirmation, which allows the holder to enter Bangladesh multiple times with unlimited stays within the validity period of the passport. Non-U.S. citizens must provide proof of U.S. residency (valid residency permit/work permit/visa, etc.). 1) The applicant may pay by credit/debit card in favour of the High Commission of Bangladesh at the High Commission`s office in Ottawa. For foreign wife/husband of Bangladesh or ex-Bangladeshi citizen: The following things must be submitted/sent to the embassy in order not to obtain a visa required (NVR) who is a former Bangladeshi citizen: The visa on arrival will be issued after verification of the authenticity of the purpose of the visits, such as official duties, business/trade, investment and potential investors and tourism.

Eligibility and conditions to apply for a No Visa Required (NVR). N.B.: The Consulate General of Bangladesh is not responsible for lost or delayed documents in the mail/mail. *Please note that the High Commission of Bangladesh has the right to request additional documents at any time for review by the Consular Officer before providing services to applicants. In addition to Bangladeshi applicants from the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the EU, the NVR is sent back to Dhaka for police clearance. 10 business days. However, it may vary in some cases for unavoidable reasons. For example, issuance may be delayed in cases requiring a permit from the Ministry of Home Affairs in Dhaka. 2) Provide a photocopy of the children`s birth certificate which includes the name of the father or mother or both 3) Provide a photocopy of the pages of the valid Bangladeshi passport (MRP) of the father / mother or both with personal information Validity of the NVR: The note “No visa required to travel to Bangladesh” is valid, as long as the passport to which it is affixed is valid. The person can enter Bangladesh as often as he or she wishes and stay there within the validity period of the passport without time limit. Staff members and staff of foreign diplomatic missions, the United Nations or their affiliated organizations in Bangladesh may be issued visas upon arrival upon presentation of their official letter of appointment or other related documents.

Only UN passport holders receive a free visa upon arrival. All fees are non-refundable once the application has been received or processed, even if the application is withdrawn or service is denied. – Bangladesh 17-digit online verifiable birth certificate (issued by a competent authority in Bangladesh) and photocopy; ৫. নাম পরিবর্তিত হলে নাম পরিবর্তনের সার্টিফিকেট এর কপি। Foreign nationals of Bangladeshi origin (excluding SAARC countries) can obtain an NVR on their foreign passport to enter Bangladesh. Your spouses (under certain conditions) and your children are also entitled to this confirmation. The NVR endorsement allows the holder of multiple entries to Bangladesh with an unlimited stay within the validity period of the passport. 1) Follow the same steps for application type 1 above sub-steps (1) to (3) and VOA extension: If necessary, the VOA may be extended by the Immigration and Passport Authority in light of the existing visa policy. For personalized service: Please make an appointment via the link below before heading to the Consulate General of Bangladesh in Sydney for a service.

Type 1 – In the case of Bangladeshis with the nationality of other countries (except SAARC countries): ** Bangladeshis and foreigners (who have an NVR seal) must present a copy of the marriage certificate in the case of their foreign spouse and in this case with the above written documents, including the passport of the applicant`s spouse. ** 5) Applicants who have a handwritten passport or expired MRP must submit the original passport with the application. (Those with handwritten or expired Bangladeshi passports with application form A: Reissue of “NVR” [Bangladeshi nationals and their eligible children under the age of 18] 4. Copy of the U.S. birth certificate with the parents` names; 6. Notarized affidavit from the wife/husband that their marriage has not been broken. Transfer of NVR (from old passport to new passport): 6. Notarized affidavit from father and mother stating that he/she is their biological son/daughter (see affidavit below). For the postal service: “Mail-in-Service registration” is mandatory for the postal service. Please register for the postal service at the URL below and attach the registration confirmation (page with barcode) to your application.

৫. পিতা মাতার নাম সহ জন্ম নিবন্ধন পত্র। Please search for the following web link from the Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh before travelling to Bangladesh from abroad: 2) Two 45mm x 35mm photos taken in the last six months 3) Original foreign passport, valid for at least six months 4) Photocopy of valid Bangladeshi passport (MRP) pages with personal information. 2. Visa required (machine-readable visa) for travel to Bangladesh (MRV) Note 4. Depending on the purpose of the visit, the following additional documents may be required: NVR Fee: AU$70.00 (for reissue and reissue requests) Foreign citizens of Bangladeshi origin, their spouses and descendants can also obtain a visa upon arrival if it is proven that they are from Bangladesh. To get a faster postal service, you must comply with all the rules and submit all documents accordingly. Children (born in USA/not Bangladesh) Bangladeshi/Bangladeshi Americans: NO REFUND: The fee once received by the Embassy is non-refundable, even if the application is withdrawn or the service cannot be provided. Foreign spouse of Bangladeshis/Bangladeshi Americans:. Step 2: NVR Fees, Payment Methods and Processing TimesFees Mandatory Service Fee CAN$80 (eighty Canadian dollars only), The following must be submitted/sent to the Embassy to transfer the NVR from the old passport to the new passport: Service applicants can also use postal services to obtain the desired services from the Consulate.