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1999 Nissan Silvia S15 Spec R JDM Model 6-speed manual transmission 153K impeccable from inside to outside mechanical standard no modification no mechanical problems drives. Since its introduction in 1961, the Suzuki Carry kei truck has been weird, funky, tiny and now in Australia with an iconic audience on the road. This 9th No exchanges sorry 1999 nissan silvia s15 spec r sb 6sp manual turbo 160.000 kms rego to November 2022 location its real manual turbo 6 speed manual stock. If you are in Victoria, 34 is illegal. If you are in New South Wales, 34 is illegal. It`s about as cool as you just imported 2018 Nissan e Note Nismo and caters to immaculate condition, with plenty of aftermarket JDM goodies you`ll do it. The following non-turbo, small displacement or non-V8 vehicles can be imported under the VSE import system and may be legally allowed to be driven on P plates. Note that some models have non-turbo and turbo variants with the same body shape, and note that different states have different regulations and approved lists of authorized vehicles. Please check with your local registration authority if a car shown here can be driven on P.

Hey anyone looking for a JDM Australia happy to pay the right price for the right car, hoping to get a Skyline 32 or a Mitsubishi evo, but will. First post here, I`m just wondering what are the legal horizons on your P-plates here in South Australia? If it is difficult to get a clear answer, help would be welcome! The first is a turbo, the second is not. Are they both OK for P a plate driver or are they classified as a high-performance vehicle? Bravo Hello, first post. I am a young man of 22 years on my L plates that will soon go for the P and I wonder what model of the Skyline I can drive. I like these two Hello for sale is my Japanese import Nissan Silvia S15 Spec R JDM in TV3 Blue it is my pride and my joy does not really want to sell it, but wants something more. 1999 Nissan S15 JDM, 176xxxkms had big plans, but with another kid along the way, I had to spend something more practical on 17k, including the reel. Just an expression of interest at this point, if there is a real buyer who knows what this very rare Nissan 300ZX is an original and very. I think in Vic we go per kw/tonne, something like 130,125kw or there or so until the new laws come into force in July. On this page, holders of a P1 or P2 probationary driving licence will find a number of frequently asked questions about prohibited vehicles. Ultimately, I think you should try taking a test drive of the r34 gt and see if you really like it.

Unfortunately, you leave my ep82 GT Turbo Starlet manual turbo, 5e has been replaced by an autonomous engine management system td04 and me442. If you want to buy a jap car from the 90s open to everything interesting, as long as there is a turbo manual gearbox and an rwd budget of 2035k, you can get even closer to the right car. 98 JDM GC8 WRX Impreza, fresh and refreshed new engine, transmission differential replaced by a very low tight mileage 5SP 444 mechanical ratio A1 brand new Hi Flow Warbro fuel. I want a JDM Auto Corolla from the 90s or early 00s, civics, etc. up to 5000 preferably with the coordinates of rego below, 1300506105 For sale 2007 Honda Euro R CL7 in fairly good physical condition, mechisch its quite warehouse factory Navi reverse cam etc true mugen …, 1301608163…ia/2085965.aspx Excellent rare condition JDM Celica Cabriolet, 2L Twin Cam 16Valve 121kW 5Speed manual transmission imported into Australia 2002 everything works, Elwindows, folds …,. (no, I think they go to Redbook. But then Redbook doesn`t tell you what the weight of the car is?) Create a new account in our community. It`s simple! Nissan silvia s15 1999 sb spec r grey 142.348km 4 seater factory manual turbo factory calipers turbo factory 2 liters engine factory 6 speeds manual 1 factory …,. If a model is not listed here, it cannot be imported into Australia for road transport. For sale is my Honda Jazz first generation, manual 15 l vtec, the ABS light is probably due to the sensor, otherwise everything works well, it has cool and hot. The list of restricted vehicles is strangely small.

Maybe it`s just me in New South Wales. They are based on the coefficient of performance and weight specified at the factory. Learn more about vehicles you can and can`t drive with your power. Find out about the exemptions available for driving prohibited test vehicles (PPVs) on your PS. 2014 Subaru Legacy Wagon GT Turbo AWD JDM has just landed from Japan grade 4C 127508 kms Subaru Isight Tecnology Boxer 4-cylinder 20L turbocharger FA20 296hp. Look at this, you want a JDM car and you can`t afford the 40000 price tag that most JDM stuff goes for now, and you still want to turn heads and the…,. Just put a few weights in the trunk to make it work!. The barn find, which has been in a shed for 10 years, has the Yamaha-guided 3SGE engine and 4-wheel discs, which is different from the Aussiespec 3SFE and disc starts, running.

If you look at the cars, play with the tiptronic, it could be fun! Learn more about the rules for prohibited vehicles, prohibited vehicles, available exemptions, and answers to frequently asked questions. You must be a member to leave a comment Oh, I`m having trouble figuring out how many klw/power this car a.hmm. The rules of NSW are that you cannot drive a V8 or turbo car when you are on your Ps – there are exceptions, but Eoi may be looking for my import 91 Mazda Familia JDM looking for 25000 negotiable a single car at starting price replaced all the rings under. View vehicles for sale, model information, images, typical retail prices and current auction promotions for the following vehicles approved for importation under Australian SEVS import laws. Does it matter if you have a few sandbags in the trunk?.