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distance and route restrictions for food suppliers; Amendment of three local laws for the year 2021. Coming into force of the law: April 22, 2022This bill would change the wording of the Int. 2289-A respecting distance limits to provide that an employee may set a maximum distance per trip from a food service establishment where the employee picks up food, beverages or other goods that the employee is travelling while travelling. The Bill would also amend the effective dates of Int. 2288-A and Int. 2294-A to provide that these local laws will come into force on the same day as Int. 2288-A and Int. 2294-A. 2289-A. In addition, the bill provides that a study on the working conditions of food suppliers can come into effect immediately. Read Local Law 118 of 2021. Limiting fees charged to food service establishments by external food delivery services without them expiring.

Effective date: January 24, 2022This bill would add a new section to the subchapter added by proposed introduction 1897-A, which prohibits third-party food delivery services from charging food service establishments more than 15% per order for delivery and more than 5% per order for all other fees. excluding transaction fees. The bill would prohibit third-party food delivery service providers from charging more than 3% per order for transaction fees, except that a higher fee would be allowed if the third-party grocery delivery service can prove that such a high fee has been charged to the service by a credit card company or Internet payment system. if need be. This bill would also require the ministry to report to the mayor and the chair of council every two years, no later than age 30. September 2023, presents a report recommending that the fee cap of this Act be maintained or adjusted by examining factors such as the impact of the cap on third-party food delivery services and food service establishments; whether the cap affects the wages and working conditions of delivery workers; products provided by external food delivery services for registration, processing and marketing; and figures relating to the sub-chapter of the Act, such as the number of complaints and violations, the total amount of penalties imposed and the amount of reimbursements recovered. Read Local Law 103 of 2021. New Yorkers who have met the state`s temporary work requirements for paid family leave can take up to 12 weeks off to care for a new child or sick family member.

In 2022, New Yorkers who take paid family vacations will receive 67 percent of their average weekly salary, or up to $1,068.36 per week. Inform certain employees and applicants of student loan forgiveness programs. Date the bill comes into force: April 9, 2022 This bill would require the city`s Ministry of Administrative Services, in consultation with the Ministry of Consumer and Worker Protection (DCWP), to issue notice to employees and applicants on the availability of student loan forgiveness programs at the federal and state levels. City agencies would distribute the notice to agency employees and candidates, and DCWP would make the notice available to New York employers for use by employees and candidates. Local Law 13 of 2022. Chapter 56 of the statutes of 2022 (S8006-C/A9006-C) Special part HH signed on 9. April 2022 Effective Date: April 9, 2022 Expire: June 30th, 2023 Sale of plants and flowers during Asian Lunar New Year law Effective Date: January 27, 2017This bill would provide an exemption to existing laws requiring street vendors to obtain a license before selling goods and services on New York City streets. This bill would allow individuals to sell plants and flowers on Asian Lunar New Year Day and during the previous seven days. Read Local Law 3 of 2017.

Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins said: “In response to the Supreme Court`s decision implying that guns are more important than lives in this country, we passed legislation to ensure New York State has safe and responsible gun laws. States are the last line of defense, which is why we have stepped up our efforts to protect New York from being easily flooded with hidden weapons and from keeping guns out of the wrong hands. These measures, in addition to previous gun violence laws we have passed, are essential at a time when there are more guns than people in America. New York will continue to prioritize people`s safety and lives, and I thank my conference, President Heastie and Governor Hochul for their partnership. Private companies in New York will have to offer pension plans to their employees starting in 2022. Construction contractorsEffective date: 10. July 2022Notice of adoption to add rules to implement Local Law 150 of 2021, which includes a new licensing requirement for all sellers of construction workers, which involves a $200 application or renewal fee and requires building contractors to provide employees with certain notices and, among other things, to keep certain registers. Read the rule. Set minimum payments per trip to external food delivery services and external courier services.

Effective date of the law: April 22, 2022This bill would require the Ministry of Consumer and Labour Protection to review the working conditions of third-party food suppliers, including revenues, expenses, equipment required, hours of work and safety. As a result of the study, the department should wait until 1. January 2023 rules setting out minimum payments per trip that must be made to external food delivery employees. Read Local Law 115 of 2021. Biometric Identifier InformationEffective date of the rule: January 15, 2022Notice of adoption introducing a new rule to implement Local Law 3 of 2021, which, among other things, requires certain companies to inform customers about the use of biometric identification information and prohibits the sale of such information. Read the rule. Licensing of third-party food delivery services and repeal of 20 Administrative Code of the City of New York City Administrative Code Chapter 5, Chapter 5, subchapter 22 relating to third-party food delivery services. Date of entry into force of the law: 24.

The January 2022 bill would require third-party grocery delivery services to be allowed to operate in the city. It would also repeal the Administrative Code subchapter, which contains existing laws governing third-party food delivery services, and instead include the requirements of recently passed introductions 2311-A, 2333-A, 2335-A, and 2356-A into that law`s licensing system. Under the bill, the ministry could refuse or refuse a licence or suspend or revoke a licence if a third-party food delivery service has committed two or more violations of the subchapter of the act. Outpatient food delivery services that violate the requirements of the subchapter of the Act would also be subject to civil penalties as well as civil penalties from the city or a person against whom a violation has been committed. The Ministry of Consumer and Employee Protection would be required to inform the provisions of this law. Read Local Law 100 of 2021. Prohibition of residential addresses for tobacco retailers and retail licences for e-cigarettesReseller rule: June 18, 2022Notice on the adoption of new rules prohibiting the issuance of a tobacco retailer`s licence or a retail licence for electronic cigarettes for use in places of residence.