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Health law is one of the emerging areas of law associated with the operation, delivery and delivery of health care services. Health law lawyers advocate for quality patient care, promote better access to care, work to reduce health care costs, and protect consumers when seeking insurance and other coverage. In particular, lawyers try to determine who owns the target. They also examine the compliance status of the target company in the Commercial Register (CAC) and whether the company has met any other licensing requirements. In addition, the lawyer tries to find out if there are significant loans that the target company serves, important contracts in which the target company is involved, the scope and status of properties owned or leased by the target company, ongoing or potential disputes with the target company, as well as employment contracts and any other emerging areas, expose the target to legal risks. Being a lawyer means many things, but the most important thing is that you are seen as an educated man. Everyone expects you to be an expert in everything, or at least to know something about everything. To help you a bit, our esteemed legal experts and LawPavilion technicians have compiled a list of hot areas of law to address. Learn them, know them, become them. A blockchain is a decentralized digital public ledger that exists on a network and is distributed using digital technology. Blockchain technology is the platform for the growth and adoption of innovations in the digital economy, including Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Blockchain technology also offers a variety of applications in various other areas of daily life such as contracts, healthcare, dispute resolution, etc. Until recently, Nigeria operated primarily as a monoeconomy, which depended mainly on oil. [14] Given that huge oil revenues have not provided the required level of development and that the global drop in oil prices in 2016[15] is necessary, the need for a more diversified economy becomes necessary. The political uncertainties that followed the 2019 parliamentary elections significantly reduced foreign and local investment. [16] Companies are now seeking other forms of financing, such as global share certificates and commercial paper investments. [17] In its diversification efforts, the government seeks to develop the energy, natural resources, and agriculture sector in order to achieve the country`s development goals. As a result, new areas of activity have emerged in the legal market, such as financial restructuring, reorganization, energy law, project finance and debt financing. Having identified the factors that have influenced the development of these emerging practice areas in the legal profession, it is equally important to provide important insight into these areas. Some of these business areas have been around for some time, but still offer wide opportunities for lawyers and law firms.

Some of the areas of activity are: Thank you for sharing true and insightful information about the prospects of the hot areas of law. Here, such ideas were urgently needed. I really appreciate that you also provided the data, a really appreciative and useful blog for us. Looking for more!! With nearly 200,000 people registered as lawyers and advocates of the Supreme Court of Nigeria, the question arises as to whether only litigation practice can support it. Because of the negative impact of our justice system on the ease of doing business, alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, particularly arbitration, have reduced much of the litigation burden because most commercial transaction agreements contain arbitration provisions. Many law firms in Nigeria, particularly in Lagos, Abuja, Kano, Port Harcourt, Warri and others, have developed and strengthened capacities in specialized areas of activity, such as intellectual property law, environmental law, policy advice, public financial management and public procurement law, public-private partnerships, medical law, communications law, aviation law, fintech law, entertainment and sports laws, among others, to mention. These practice areas require particular skills, competencies and experience, as some of the challenges lawyers are expected to address in these evolving and emerging practice areas are unprecedented, but require a high level of initiative and innovation to address a new societal problem using relevant legal tools and expertise. Can we say that these lawyers do not practice as lawyers?, obviously not, because it would be ruthless to say so. As modern society evolves and various technologies emerge, changes and approaches in the execution of daily tasks and transactions continue to be observed on a gigantic scale. The legal profession is not left out, as different areas of law repeatedly appear as responses to social innovations.

The main areas of law that are developing are cybersecurity, cannabis, labour, ancient law, energy, intellectual property and health. · Peters Ifeoma, âLawpavilion unveils TIMI; Nigeria`s first legal assistant for artificial intelligence (DNL Legal & Style, 21. August 2018) There are many inventions in the fields of biotechnology and food technology inside and outside Nigeria. These inventions come in innovative processes, and with the increasing development of food technology as a high-end export industry, dependence on IP lawyers is becoming essential. And protecting all these innovations is the first step. The experienced young lawyer of the 21st century can use this field (provided such a lawyer is trained in intellectual property protection), provide patents/trademark applications as needed, facilitate licensing of already secure trademarks, monitor services already provided, and manage intellectual property portfolios for clients in the agricultural industry, all to the exclusion of his older colleague. The document also recommends that academic and professional curricula be redesigned to address the challenges facing Nigerian lawyers in the 21st century. At the university level, law libraries should be equipped with legal resources and all law firm computer equipment, including fax machines, scanners, computers and intercoms. Training in the use of these ICT tools is therefore crucial. New, less developed areas of law such as ICT, telecommunications, cyberspace, alternative dispute resolution, intellectual property, piracy and data protection, as well as clinical legal training courses, should also be expanded and made mandatory for all law students. In addition, the legal clinic should establish links with certain reputable law firms to allow the student to connect with the practice from the beginning of his studies. Finally, as Nigeria develops, it needs more lawyers who work hard, work hard and are willing to maintain a high level of legal practice with ICT skills to take our legal profession to the next level in the global market.

This article provides details on the hot Outlook practice areas you should access, and this article has shared so much information about it. I enjoyed reading this article and it is the best link to get all the information about it. The world of mergers and acquisitions is interdisciplinary, it includes the expertise of economists, investment bankers, accountants, marketers, financial practitioners, financial advisors, lawyers, etc. The increase in mergers and acquisitions has led to a growth in academic research in this area. In fact, mergers and acquisitions seem to generate more research than other areas of finance. The quality of your degree is becoming more and more relevant. A 3. The class or a regular pass probably won`t find superior rooms to practice in. These days, the best law firms only want the best, and many of them won`t hire you unless you have at least a top 2nd class or a solid 2nd class below. Advanced law degrees are now considered not only by top law firms, but also by clients. Blue-chip corporate clients now need a profile of the law firm they wish to negotiate with, and they will deal primarily with firms with lawyers with high academic qualifications who have at least a master`s degree in law. So it will be a smart strategy to aim not only for a very solid first degree, but also for a higher degree.

It`s just as relevant in private practice if you want to go to the superior rooms as it is if you work with banks, oil companies, or one of the big companies. To increase your competitive advantage, you should consider an additional qualification in another area, such as MBA, ACTS, ICAN, Similarly, in the area of law in which you wish to specialize, you should consider specialist training in addition to your undergraduate law degree. For example, if you want to get into the practice of Admiralty or Maritime Law, you may want to consider a graduate degree in maritime law. If you want an advantage in the practice of trading, you can consider additional training in commercial, banking and financial law, etc. If you are entering the practice of insolvency, which is one of the new areas that are becoming increasingly relevant, it will do you a lot of good to complete training such as a graduate degree in receivership and liquidation. If you want to become a financial markets lawyer, you have an advantage if you opt for specialized training in financial markets operations, securities dealers, etc.