The Practices of Meditation, Gratitude, and
Lovingkindness Are Central to Hits the Spot Yoga


Meditation is an integral part of our practice at Hits the Spot Yoga. At the end of each class, we take time to deepen our relaxation and turn inward. Whether we focus on the breath or follow a guided meditation, this practice brings us back to ourselves, helping us let go of the chaos and challenges in the world while strengthening our ability to be present during times both difficult and joyful.

Cultivating a perspective of gratitude is simultaneously challenging and deeply rewarding, which is why Scott leads his students in developing a gratitude practice. Making a point of mindfully cultivating gratitude on a daily basis offers physical and emotional benefits that can have profound effects on our daily lives.

Metta (Lovingkindness) Meditation is in regular rotation at Hits the Spot Yoga for a very good reason: it helps us open our hearts to joy and to share that joy with others. In its essence, the practice of Metta Meditation helps us cultivate a compassionate, lovingkindness response to everyone and everything around us.

Photo credit: Jenna Rice Creative