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Hits The Spot™ Yoga with Scott Willis
Hits The Spot™ Yoga with Scott Willis Hits The Spot™ Yoga with Scott Willis

It’s Your Body • It’s Your Time • It’s Your Class

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It’s Your Body
My yoga curriculum is for folks of all shapes, sizes and degrees of strength and flexibility. I encourage a student to go to the steady, comfortable edge of the stretch that’s appropriate for her/his unique body.

Good alignment is very important for maximum enjoyment and safety in the pose. When working with students in a yoga pose, I present them with variations of the pose and substitute poses, and I heartily encourage the use of yoga props, so that together we can create good alignment in the pose.

It’s Your Time
I invite students to honor what they need in each class. I encourage them to fully feel each warm-up and pose, and to do each one either gently, moderately or vigorously, regardless of what other students are doing.

I remind folks that the class is for them. It is an oasis of time for them, with no one else to be responsible for, and nothing to prove to anyone.

It’s Your Class
Students enjoy themselves in class. They often feel a balance of being invigorated and calm. They feel supported to explore yoga in a non-competitive atmosphere of focused, compassionate people with good senses of humor.

On average, 100 students register in full each semester. Currently ages range from mid-teens to the early eighties, with the median age at 70.

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