Yoga Flow Classes at Hits the Spot Yoga

For Folks of All Ages, Shapes, and Degrees of Strength and Flexibility 

Whether you’re just beginning to include yoga in your life or you’ve been practicing for years, our Yoga Flow classes encourage you to go to the steady, comfortable edge of the stretch that’s appropriate for your unique body. Many of our students have been doing this practice for years. The benefits deepen over time and as you develop familiarity with the poses.

A 3-step approach to deepening your practice

Each Yoga Flow class features an ongoing, three-week cycle that enables beginning students as well as more advanced students to learn and benefit from the class.

  • Week 1: Students are guided in proper alignment and prop use for the poses.
  • Week 2: We practice the poses more deeply.
  • Week 3: We move through a yoga flow based on the poses we’ve practiced.
  • The following week, the cycle begins anew with a focus on a different combination of stretches, poses, and flows.

Our Yoga Flow classes also include Breathwork, Meditation, Gratitude practice, and Lovingkindness practice. Learn more here.

Scott invites you to honor what you need in each class. It‘s your body, it’s your time, it’s your class—an oasis of time for you with no one else to be responsible for and nothing to prove to anyone.

Photo credit: Jenna Rice Creative