Friendly Yoga for Folks of All Ages, Shapes, and Abilities Since 1987

About Our Classes

Whether you’re just beginning to include yoga in your life or you’ve been practicing for years, our Yoga Flow classes encourage you to go to the steady, comfortable edge of the stretch that’s appropriate for your unique body. Many of our students have been doing this practice for years. The benefits deepen over time and as you develop familiarity with the poses.

Students are saying….

Scott’s class is such a lovely oasis for me – quiet and focused in an absolutely beautiful space. I especially appreciate being able to take the yoga wherever my body and spirit move me to go on a given day. Scott provides the opportunity for each person to do what best serves her/him, and he does so with humor, respect and an impressive depth of knowledge/reflection. Personally, Scott exudes wisdom and warmth; he is a role model for me, both as a yoga teacher and as a human on the planet.

M.S., Brattleboro, VT

I can’t say enough about the depth and breadth of the Hits the Spot curriculum; and Scott’s integrity, humanity and sense of humor shines through every moment. Most of all, I love the accessibility of Scott’s approach to teaching yoga. It’s deeply aligned with my need to be inclusive and to honor the individual within the collective.

Yoga Student, Brattleboro, VT